14th International Conference on Emerging Management Practices

Theme :  “Transforming Business in ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance)”


Research papers : Conceptual and/or Empirical Research Papers; Case studies are invited to address any of the mentioned themes/subtheme at large scale.

Themes & Sub Themes

Marketing and ESG :

  • Green Marketing

  •      Cause Related Marketing

  •      Societal Marketing

  •      Ecopreneurial Marketing

  •      Green Advertising

  •      Advertising and Society

  •      Social Media Marketing

  •      Eco and Social Branding

  •      Social Marketing and Marketing of Social Services

  • Green Purchase Behaviour

  •      Circular Economy and Consumer Behaviour

  •      Consumer Online Privacy

  •      Marketing Governance
  •      Community Based Tourism

  •      Social Retail

  •      Sharing Economy

  •      Service Cocreation

  •      Marketing and Ethics

  •      Marketing and AI

  •      Marketing Analytics

  •      Impact of Social Factors on Marketing (Consumer Buying Behaviour, Advertising, Branding, Digital, Marketing, Services Marketing, CRM etc.)

Banking-Finance and ESG:

  •         Influence of Societal Factors on Financial Planning
  •         Conflict of Interest in Financial Services

  •         Social Accounting

  •         Social Finance

  •         Bank and Discrimination

  •         Linkages between Environmental and Financial Performance

  •         Green Accounting

  •         Green Finance

  •         Environmental Performance and Bank Lending

  •         Green Bonds

  •         Banks' Business Strategy and Environmental Effectiveness

  •         Role of Institutional Investors and Banks

  •          Responsible Capitalism

  •         Financial Distress and Corporate Recovery

  •        Shareholder Activism/Rights

  •        Business and Financial Ethics

  •        Corporate Governance in Banking and Finance Industry

  •         Hedge Fund Activism

  •         Hostile Takeovers

  •         Financial Reporting and Corporate Governance

  •         Minority-Majority Shareholder Conflict

  •         Institutional Investor Behaviour and Governance

  •         Bankruptcy and Insolvency

  •     Corporate Law and Securities Law

  •        Insider Trading

  •        Fintech Behaviour

  •     Financial Analytics
  •        Finance and AI

 Entrepreneurship-Innovation and ESG:

  •    Green Innovation

  •     Green Transformational Leadership

  •      Green Entrepreneurship

  •    Environmental Sustainability and SMEs

  •    Ecosystems for Social Innovation

  •    Social Innovation and Business

  •    Social Entrepreneurship

  •      Corporate Innovation and Sustainable Community Development

  •    Wellbeing for Entrepreneurship

  •       Sustainable Entrepreneurship

  •       Corporate Governance in Family Business

  •     Innovation and Corporate Governance

 Regulation and ESG:

  •      Corporate Social Responsibility

  •      Corporate Environmental Responsibility

  •    Corporate Governance and Philosophy

  •    Corporate Ethics

  •    Corporate Frauds

  •    Corporate Sustainability

  •    Ownership and Institutional Theory

  •    Managing Government Relations

  •    Government Support

  •    B2G services

  •    Business and E-Governance

  •    Political Lobbying

  •    Regulatory Management and Reforms

  •    International Trade and Government Policy

 HR and ESG:

  •    Green Human Resources

  •    Environmental Sustainability and Stakeholder Engagement

  •    Work Life Balance

  •    Women in the Workplace

  •    Disable People and Workplace

  •    Workplace Pressure and Unethical Business Practices

  •    Employee Privacy and Employer Interests

  •    Employee Health and Safety

  •    Employee Happiness and Satisfaction

  •    Employee Friendly Corporate Practices

  •    Executive Compensation and Say on Pay

  •    Role of Board Committees and Board of Directors

  •    Executive Compensation Plans

  •    Women in Corporate Governance

  •    Stakeholders Relationship

  •    Corporate Citizenship

  •    Business and Social Wellbeing

  •    Business and Human Rights

  •    HR Analytics
  •    HR and AI

 Technology-Operations and ESG:

  •    Technology and Environmental Sustainability
  •    Block Chain Technology and Environment Sustainability

  •    Green Business Operations

  •    Green Manufacturing

  •     Green Supply Chain

  •    Green Lean Six Sigma

  •    Green Logistics

  •     ISO 14001 and Environmental Performance

  •    Energy Efficient Business Practices

  •    Renewable and Recycled Energy Management

  •    Waste Management

  •    Social Analytics

  •    Role of Stakeholders and Industry 4.0 Technologies

  •    Technology and Corporate Governance

  •    Emerging and Advanced Green Energy Technologies

  •    Energy Security

  •    Energy Efficiency & Rationale Use of Energy


We also welcome contributions beyond the sub-themes mentioned above. Please send your contributions to