13th International Conference on Perspectives, Practices & Research Trends

Theme :  “5G - Global, Green, Governance, Growth and Government”


Research papers- Conceptual and or Empirical Research Papers; Case studies are invited to address any of the mentioned themes/ subtheme at large scale.

Themes & Sub Themes

Global Management Practices

•           Global Marketing, Market Structure and Pricing

•           Strategic management

•           Consumer Behavior

•           Business intelligence

•           Global Economy and Trade

•           Global operational excellence

•           Recent  trends in Business Analytics at global level

•           Global Management trends in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry

•           Global Trends in Agriculture and Food Industry

•           Global Financial Market and Services

•           Globalisation and youth

•           Global Technological Innovation in Product and Service Sector

•           Global Crises management

Green Management

•           Green Marketing management

•           Green Supply Chain management

•           Renewable and Recycled energy management

•           Green Business Operations

•           Environmental Policy

•           Green Manufacturing, Building and Ecosystem Modeling

•           Integrated Energy Systems

•           Renewable and Recycling Practices

•           Green and sustainable computing

•           Energy-efficient Business Practices

•           Green HR

•           Green technologies, services and communication

•           Green Data Storage, Data Centers

•           Green Industrial Automation and Control

•           Green Intelligent Transport Systems

•           Green-oriented protocols, computation and services

•           Improving Green-ness


•           Corporate Governance and Philosophy

•           Innovation and Corporate Governance

•           Corporate governance in family business

•           Corporate governance in financial institutions

•           Corporate governance of state owned enterprises (SOE) and their role in the society

•           Corporate ownership and control

•           Corporate social responsibility and compliance

•           Development of financial markets and market for corporate control

•           Intergovernmental Relations

•           Organizational Theory

•           IT governance and blockchain technology

•           Laws, regulations and corruption

•           Shareholder Right Directive and effects on corporate governance processes

•           Social norms and cultural values

Growth Management

•           Innovative growth strategies and practices

•           Diversification, entering new markets, M&As, Joint ventures,

•           Entrepreneurial growth Opportunities and Challenges

•           Role of IT in Growth of Business

•           Social media and Business excellence

•           Technological advancements to achieve synergistic effect for business growth

•           growing a business in related industries or unrelated industries

•           Customer relationship management as growth catalyst

•           Growth of service sector


•           Government Policy framework

•           International trade policy

•           Government as trade and business facilitator

•           Crisis Management

•           Internet Governance

•           Policy Analysis

•           Political Ethics

•           Social Governance

•           Intergovernmental Relations

•           Organizational Theory

•           Public Budgeting

•           Public Service

       Non Governmental Organizations          

            We also welcome contributions beyond the sub-themes mentioned above. Please send your contributions to